Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why should Long Island even become a state?

Some people may be coming onto this blog not really informed about what is the whole ideal of this movement. We believe in Long Island becoming a state and fixing many of the local and political issues. New York has many problems as it divides politically from the three main regions being upstate, the city, and long island. This has cause many disagreements and calls for secession from each reason. Why? It's because they all feel like they are all being treated unfairly and neglected. What does that mean? Maybe there should be 3 new states not just one because there is so much not being done in Albany.

But what do you the resident of any of these regions think? Is there something local that upsets you? Probably, if your from New York your used to everything costing more than any other state. 8.625% Sales tax? Why are we paying that much? Why are the taxes over ten thousand dollars a home on Long Island? Where is the money going? to our schools? after school programs? why am I not seeing it?

Those are probably some questions you ask. Don't you think they should be answered? Why should someone from Upstate New York affect what goes on in Long Island and vice versa?

A lot of things need to be fixed on Long Island as young people move away because it is hard to start a life paying twice as much as other states. Is there something that you think should be changed on Long Island? Tell us what it is and if Long Island does become a state your problem may be fixed.

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