Thursday, September 9, 2010

Upstate New York wants to be freed

It seems like Long Island and Upstate New York are fighting the same battle. Both regions seem to be over taxed and under supported. This leaves many questions to supporters of both groups, who gets New York City? This seems to be the culprit of all the missing money in the state. Realistically Brooklyn and Queens are a physical part of Long Island but are a part of New York City.

This leaves a couple options, Upstate New York can be free while Long Island adopts the islands of Manhattan and Staten making a tri fecta of islands making a whole new state. But we'll see as time goes on, maybe everything will work out in Albany but its been over 200 years so maybe we should start looking towards the future.

While looking at this why don't you check out the secessionist movement in Upstate New York, you never know maybe we can both help each other.

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