Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Twitter's Statehood in a nutshell tweets

  1. Obviously this isn't a thorough method of statehood, but it's a quick way to learn some steps to statehood.
    Our twitter is: LI51State
    Step Ten: Have the United State's Congress vote on Long Island statehood

  2. Step Nine: Have the state legislature vote on Long Island's statehood

  3. Step Eight: Start a petition for referendum

  4. Step Seven: Run for local office

  5. Step Six: Start a Political Group

  6. Step Five: Build interest in the majority of the population

  7. Step Four: Select a leader or group of leaders to represent the cause

  8. Step Three: Use social networks and gatherings to strengthen cause

  9. Step Two: Gain support

  10. Step One: Address a common issue

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