Sunday, December 26, 2010

Long Island

Long Island needs to be improved, everyone is putting their two cents in so we shall as well. The biggest problem is being a part of New York State itself and dealing with the dysfunctional  government there. To be a part of a state which is segregated by "Upstate", "The City", and "Long Island" is pathetic. There's no unity anymore the state is separating gradually and it needs to either be brought together or finally separating.

Well what does Long Island need? It needs to prevent businesses from leaving. That is the number one priority, jobs bring residents and bolster the economy with money flowing through everyone. A region cannot last without business because who would want to live there? Long Island used to be known for a lot of things remember Grumman and duck farms? Well we need to fight to keep major businesses and identities here. We cannot let taxes force business out of here because it just hurts Long Island in the end. Luckily businesses are still coming here like Canon which is building it's American Headquarters on the island. It's a great thing because it will bring jobs and another identity here.

Long Island still needs to keep being it's strong identity as we push towards statehood. The rest of the country needs to see the self sustaining government being implemented here to keep Nassau and Suffolk country running while Albany runs around in circles. Things need to be done before it becomes irreversible, remember the fight may seem impossible but one day Long Island can be it's own state.

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