Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Sometimes don't you ever wish you knew who you were really voting for? Not just what they did wrong through opponents attack ads? Sometimes it's hard to tell what someone is about from a sign on someones lawn or just accusations. We can easily learn when a candidate does something wrong whether they say it or publicly make a mockery of themselves. But how do you really know of all the great things they've done?

There are some Long Islanders who will go to the polls and not know who half the  candidates are and it's a shame. Some candidates have fought hard to protect their constituents and sometimes they are never recognized for it. They have helped protect our youth, cleaned and protected  our beaches and are just overall good people. Not all politicians are scum bags and not every person has their constituents in their best interest .

There really should be a better way and easier way for people mainly young people to learn about candidates and their history. How they've helped their local area and will alway fight for something they care about. The positives need to be talked about more, the negatives are important but it shouldn't overshadow a campaign.


  1. LONG ISLAND THE 51ST STATE 8/21/2009

    ISSUES- format (no particular order)

    What’s in it for New York State and Federal Government?

    Restitution payments for the land, beaches, parks and significant other areas. (long term)
    Negotiate terms and length of payments towards lands that now belong to Long Island as well as
    New York State to lease land in which there buildings are on.
    New York and Long Island may merge in total eminence costs on selected lands waters and or upkeep.
    50/50- Both states agree to do there share!


    MTA/LIRR- Citizens from both states pay a one-time-fee(TRANCARD] according to amount living in household at the DMV and or online and or state census.
    Bigger household the less you pay, married, children etc. A transportation tax on w-2 will be added to citizen’s forms. This tax will keep fees low and balance off-set operating costs from both railroads and a 5 YEAR CAP-TAX will be implemented by legislation.
    A state may buy stock for investment in both railroads and or merge together. State(s) Run with NY/NJ/LI. All military veterans (20YRS) discounted and/or exempt in certain tax and /or fees.
    All "green automobiles" [in state] pay half on all tolls coming back to LONG ISLAND. All fresh produce OUT OF STATE OR COUNTRY must be tagged and taxed accordingly entering by air or road to LONG ISLAND to encourage LONG ISLAND STATE (cooperative extension) OR PRIVATE LONG ISLAND FARMS.
    New York milk can be CAP TAXED because Long Islanders may have to pay a high price from out of state unless LI legislators grant funds for more cow farms. LI. Income tax is changed to save Long Island state citizens from leaving there home state. Better tax right-offs when investing in home state. The T.R.PLAN –REVIVAL consists of past lease plan of USA/PANAMA 100 YEAR LAND/WATER OCCUPATION RETURN. LI state’s capped 100 year restitution towards NY is finalized by the federal govt.


    Long Island will suggest to the federal government to invest in colleges and universities as well as hospitals and receive in yearly returns a 25% profit on EDUCATIONBONDS and HEALTHCAREBONDS. Each bond is 100 million.
    Federal government can invest 1/3 of initial investment for the first 20 yrs in LONG ISLAND LOTTERY (LILOTTO} Proceeds go to education, state health care and transportation.
    Other investment possibilities: housing, tourism, entertainment, hospitality etc! Long Island
    Will install special housing for disaster relief victims to relocate and start a new from other states.
    LONG ISLAND HOUSING FOR HUMANITY: implements and sets goals for families to never be homeless.
    State citizens, get tax deductions donating useable housing materials and hourly volunteer work such as helping people make there homes livable and other deductions towards beach/park/ road cleanups.
    All aid from government shall be used in Green State mentality. Pro sports revenue is discussed.
    Possible summer Olympic bids and trials, NASCAR racing, horse races, national high school championships and college tourneys/rounds/championships. All possible revenue for the state.
    The US government shall not act as just a big government but an liaison to LONG ISLAND and listen and suggest to all its well being in becoming, during and succession from NEW YORK!
    LONG ISLAND STATE will become the most advanced state in terms of education, health care, technology, entertainment, clean beaches and parks, commercial and leisure fishing and most patriotic state in all of the land of our great country.

  2. I think there are 3 paths we could take:

    1) Become the 51st state.
    2) Become a self governing autonomous region within the United States.
    3) Gain independence as an associated republic in union with the United States.

    Each has it's pros and cons. I personally prefer the 2nd option. We would still be Americans, hold US passports, get Social Security, Medicare, etc but we would have a Long Island president, a bicameral Long Island legislative body, be able to have our own laws, regulate customs and immigration as we see fit, etc