Sunday, January 16, 2011

A new state = More Government and Confusion?

A reason many are against Long Island becoming a state is that it will just increase the size of government. This is true but it also improves our region, New York is a big state. It has many different regions with different cultures and economies. The major regions of Long Island, New York City, and Upstate are all very different. It's a shame because when you ask people where they are from, Long Islanders and city residents say either Long Island or one of the city boroughs. While those from upstate say they are New Yorkers. A divided state is no use to anyone, while Albany fights and New York struggles due to fights everyone is hurt. Long Islanders are becoming restless with all of the money they send away to Albany to never be seen again.

Things need to be done. There is already a well structured local government for Suffolk and Nassau county the couple major additions would be a governor and senators. Will that add more confusion? I don't believe so take Sudan as an example. Right now they are having a referendum to see if residents want to divide their country. That will not add more confusion it will actually bring stability and end long fighting. Long Island has nothing in common with New York State now. There is not much unity between the different regions. Albany should not have to deal with Upstate, the City, and Long Island. Albany should deal with Upstate, the City or even Long Island can take care of the city.

The City and Long Island have a lot in common a lot of NYC workers live out on Long Island so there is that shared bond. Also there are the two boroughs of the City on the Island. I believe that if Upstate separated from the City and Long Island a lot more good can be done. The MTA can be improved and make live easier for Long Islanders and city residents as well.

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