Friday, August 13, 2010

The Important Things

A government should provide the basic needs to keep it's taxpayers happy. It should also fund programs that will benefit and make their citizens stronger throughout the future. Money should be put into kids through different ways, there should be money put into after-school programs and schools. Schools should not be the ones to suffer because they provide kids with future and they will represent their state. More money should be put into college educations as well, because when the clamp with budgets start the future college students feel the pinch the most. Most 18 year olds don't have $30,000 or the time to make that much. This is what you need for most private schools now and federal aid is limited. If your in the middle-class college is basically out of the picture for you if your parents fiscal status is not well. There are families who make to much on the books but really have no money at all and the kids get hurt the most. The government assumes that they can afford their kids education with their savings but they have none. This leaves so many kids with a less that great education because they simply just can afford to go to the best possible school for them which is unfair. So many great minds are being thrown away because their families don't have the money to help them go to college. This should be changed if Long Island becomes a state. Long Island should focus on itself and the future of it's residents. It should develop programs that would allow kids to go to college much easier while not putting the state in debt. This needs to be done but done right or the state will just become how New York is now.

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