Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Re-Engineering Taxation

One of the things that the 51st State of Long Island would have the opportunity to do is to re-engineer the entire plethora of schemes related to taxation. Since it entered the Union, the State of New York has had tributes and taxes of many kinds. Different schemes are simply added on top of what already exists, thus creating a monster tax code. As the first new State of the 21st Century; the State of Long Island could get the people together with the experts to figure out a taxation program that any sixth grader could read and understand. It would be a really simple system. People would have input and be able to submit their gripes about the current schemes. Once this were done, I truly believe there would be far few tax avoidance schemes. Tax avoidance is part of the entire taxation mess. Right now the only people who benefit are the tax accountants and the lawyers. The government and the people get ripped off.

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