Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Re-Engineer the Prison Industrial Complex

Like the rest of the governing structure of the State of New York, the "prison industrial complex" is a crazy quilt that had been added onto ever since the State entered the Union. There are jails, prisons, parole and probation departments just to name a few. Many people spend much of their lives caught up in this system; which has serious flaws and can be quite brutal. We end up with very angry people! The only beneficiaries of this set of boondogles are prison guards, jailors, district attorneys, defense attorneys, bail bondspeople and only God knows who else. The poor people who pay for this mess (that's most of us taxpayers) and the poor people who get caught up in this system are all the worse off. The State of Long Island has some real opportunities to humanize this system and end up paying a lot less in taxes for its maintenance.

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