Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Governor of New York?

Happen to see the debate?

Ever wonder what it takes to run for governor?

Well as we all learned it doesn't take much to run for governor, but can we imagine some of these people running New York? I think we need some candidates to represent Long Island and not pretend they know what it's like down here. I mean if anyone can run for governor of a state I'm pretty sure Long Island can become one. Except having legitimate candidates that will improve the problems with Long Island.

But there are some things from the debate that make simple sense. Yes rent is 2 damn high but Jimmy McMillan shows that once you have a dream you don't need to give up on it after failing. After all his attempts at mayor, governor, and senator he has his first shot at success. His simple message resonates with voters and it can translate to Long Islanders as well. The dream of becoming a state is there and no matter how many times it can be stopped if you keep trying you can do something to change it.

So what do we say?
Long Island 51st State

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