Thursday, July 22, 2010

New York's Budget Greatness

We are now in late July and has anyone noticed how New York has passed the budget? Well it hasn't and it was supposed to be done April 1st. It's a shame to be the support of the state to watch it waste away money putting itself into horrendous debt. Now the New York State government is now looking into trimming the budget by essentially getting rid of the SUNY program. The schools wont be gone but the prices will be a lot different. Many residents of Long Island rely on the SUNY program because their parents and themselves simply cannot afford the absurd expenses of government.

They should be looking into supporting SUNY and programs that benefit kids. Kids should be given the most attention because they are the future of the state and the country. Money should be taken out of unsuccessful and wasteful programs. We should be paperless on all of our things now since it creates confusion and wastes money. We should get rid of systems that are underused such as buses or have ways of improving them. Long Island should be fighting to keep it a place to be livable for the future. As prices go up here more people leave and eventually businesses leave. As they find better places to go Long Island residents lose their homes and jobs which hurts us overall.

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